Mile2.002 Running in India Part 2 - Matheran Hill Station

November 4, 2013

Today come with me 3000 feet up in the mountains around 100km south east of Mumbai. Matheran is a beautiful hill station, a place where people for 150  years have escaped the summer heat of Bombay. Steep mountain gorges covered in lush vegetation offer a variety of fabulous viewpoints. Being car free, Matheran can be reached only by narrow gauge railway, horse or by human power. I spent the day walking around the rusty red coloured trails enjoying he scenery, the monkeys and the tropical ambiance. Close your eyes, listen to this episode and you too can come a mile with me.  

Mile2.001 Running in India

October 27, 2013

Join me running in Mumbai, India. I have been posted here fr 6 week, its been terrific, so come for a run with me!


RWR-008-Happy New Year

January 12, 2013

Heh its a new year so must be time for a new Run World Radio podcast! Join the team as we discuss what we've been up to in the last few weeks and also our thoughts for 2013. Runnrgrl from Canada talks about her great year of running, Jaydub from Australia his running in Raleigh, NC and I go for a stroll with my dad and talk about his long distance walking. Download the show from the podcasts area on Itunes or follow the links!

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Running Shorts - Steve about Town

October 28, 2012

A quick jaunt about town with Steve


RWR-007-Olympic Spirits

August 17, 2012

Listen out for the next Run World Radio with Runnergirl in Canada, Jaydub in Australia and Steve Chopper in the UK .. its the most "global" running podcast! Coming up in the next edition:
The gang talk about the Olympics, the legacy of Sydney and the magic of London. We have chats with Bingley Harriers as we watch the Browlee brothers rock the Olympic Triathlon, ambiance from Wiggins smashing the timetrial and chats with folks who took part in the Opening Ceremony. Each of the team take one of Faster, Higher and Stronger,


Running Shorts- All Rhodes lead to London

July 24, 2012

Whilst we gather the team together for a full podcast, in the meantime heres a running short edition.

You can hear Steve running in Rhodes, a Greek island just off Turkey. Steve is in teh pan-hellentic stadium as well as running around the beautiful coves on the island.

Back in the UK we hear as the Olympic Torch comes through Christchurch, and we catch up with Sue, one of the runners to pick up the torch and hear her story

We will be back with a full episode in a week or so .. watch out for that soon!!


RWR-Running Shorts - Cleanse

July 8, 2012

RWR-006-Unfinished Symphonies

June 11, 2012

Welcome to Episode 6 of the Run World Radio Podcast. On today's show we talk about Unfinished Symphonies. We all have them, those niggling little adventures which didnt quite finish how we hoped!

Jaydub takes us on the North Face 100km Ultra Marathon in Australia Runnergirl discusses her experiences at Boston and Toroto Marathons Steve has a family crisis half way through the recording and has to go and stop his children killing each other! You can hear his story of beach cleaning with Ben Fogle on the next episode!!

All in all its a fun episode and hopefully the next episode will be along sooner! www.facebook/runwprldradio



April 14, 2012

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Coming Soon - Next RWR

March 27, 2012

Coming next week the next RWR - Failure! We take you on a journey thrugh our failures and the kessons we learnt to become better runners! Send in your audio on the subject of faulure and be on next weeks show

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